How to submit your customized filter file to Snapchat….It’s easy!

You did it! You successfully ordered your custom filter design & now your wondering how to get your super cute custom design to go live on Snapchat’s app on the right date, at the right time, and in the correct geographical location…And we are here to tell you how to do that!

It is a pretty simple, step-by-step process & we will provide pictures and everything to help you thru it. 

SO… Step #1:

You need to download the transparent version of the file that you have received via email to your computer.

You might be thinking…’Can I use my smartphone or other mobile device instead?’. You can try it! But Snapchat’s website is more responsive to a desktop or laptop, so it may be easier if you use one of those.

If you are using Google Chrome, the process will look similar to what what is shown in the picture below. If not, you may need to right click & then click “Save Image As” or whatever you normally do to save email attachments to your computer. Please note: A Screenshot of the file will *NOT* get the job done!


Step #2:

Go to

❗️? ALERT❗️?Using the EXACT LINK shown above is VITAL TO YOUR SUCCESS!! 

Click on the black box that says “CREATE NOW”.

Log in with your Snapchat Username & Password. (And prove that you’re not a robot.)

On the left side, click the button under “Upload your own” that says “UPLOAD”.

Select the file that you downloaded from your email & it will appear in the phone screen mockup. There should be a light, checked pattern in the background showing that it is transparent. If the background is solid white or solid black, then the file was not saved correctly. (So if so, go back to step 1.)

Click “NEXT”.

Step #3:

Use the calendar to set the time and date! The top line in the top, right corner is the start date & time. The second line is the end date & time. Our example filter here is being set for Sunday, September 25, 2016, from noon to 4pm.


Step #4:

Draw your geofence!
This lets Snapchat know where your event will take place.

When you click “NEXT” after you set your dates on the calendar, you will be taken to a Google Maps plug-in. You will type the address or the name of the location you are having your event into the search bar in the top left corner of the map. You can use the + and – keys in the bottom right corner to zoom in, so that you can get an accurate view of the area you want your filter to be able to be used in.

For an even more accurate picture, click the “SATELLITE” button in the top left corner, next to the address search bar.

You should be able to see the house, building or area that your event space is being held.

For this example, we are throwing Maggie Brooke’s birthday party at the Timarron Country Club in Southlake, TX.

Once we have our event space in view on the map, we click the “DRAW FENCE” button, and click on the map to make lines that create a “fence” around our event space.

Once our fence is created, you can see that our activation fees have been calculated to $5.00 in the top left corner of the screen.

Once your fence is set up, click “NEXT”. You’re almost done!!


Step #5:

Click on ‘Filter Type’ to activate a drop down menu. Choose ‘Personal’ if your custom geofilter is for a wedding, birthday party, baby shower or other event. Choose ‘Business’ if your design contains any company logos, trademarks, or other advertising.

Enter your payment information.

Review your order details.

Check the box to agree to the terms & conditions.

And, boom! Submit! Done!


Yay! See, that was easy.

You will receive an email from Snapchat immediately congratulating you on your success. They will also send you an email when the design has been approved. Your payment method will be charged before the geofilter goes live, but maybe not right away if you have planned ahead and submitted your custom filter design pretty early in advance.

Now have fun! Enjoy your custom Snapchat filter design & send your friends our way when they ask you where you got that beautiful piece of artwork.


Make your party sparkle!

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