So…how does this Custom Snapchat Filter thing work??

Don’t worry ūüôā You’re not the first to ask or wonder! We field¬†lots of questions & inquiries about “How this whole Custom Filter thing works”…

So here’s how it works with our Etsy shop!

You have two options:

1) Choose one of our pre-made designs and we will customize text (name, date, event title etc.) to accommodate for your special event!

Here are a few examples of what those look like in our Etsy Shop:


2) If we do not have a pre-made design that fits the needs of your event, you can provide details of what you’d like to see on a filter, and we will make it happen!


Option #1 keeps it simple & sweet, and is the fastest way to to get a customized filter design set up.

Option #2 requires a bit more time to set up & edit, so it is important to order early! 

So you’ve decided that you like the idea…but you have some questions? Good news! We have answers.

Check out our most frequently asked Questions & Answers below.

FAQ #1: When do I need to order my custom Snapchat filter?


FAQ #2: Can you put __(Fill in the blank)__ on a custom filter design for me?


FAQ #3: How much will it cost to submit my filter to Snapchat?


FAQ #4: Can you submit the filter to Snapchat for me?


. . . on our next blog post, we will show you how to submit your Custom Snapchat Geofilter from LooksLikeGlitter to for approval & activation.

For now, click here to check out the newest listings in our shop!

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